Multipass - Create Ubuntu Instance in a few seconds

Multipass - Create Ubuntu Instance in a few seconds

If you just want to test something in a Linux machine or you need Ubuntu Distro for it you can use Multipass. After just a few commands you'll have Virtual Ubuntu with completely installed. Let's look at how to do it.

It does not matter which OS you are using. Multipass is a cross-platform software. You can install it on any OS. You just download and double click to the downloaded file for installation on PC. After that, open a Power Shell or CMD and type this:

multipass --help

You'll see a few commands below. In this blog, we will just create Ubuntu instances so, we'll use launch command for this.

multipass launch --help

And with this command, we are seeing how to use it. If we wanna change disk space we can do this with -d flag. Same things for -n (name), -m (memory).

If we wanna create Ubuntu with these options: 20G Disk space, 2GB Memory and Name is "Master"; we can do easily just typing like below:

multipass launch -d 20G -m 2G -n Master lts

lts is meaning Ubuntu 18.04 LTS version. If you wanna learn other versions type this command:

multipass find

From now on, you can easily create Ubuntu instances with a few seconds.