What is a PLC and What to do with a PLC

What is a PLC and What to do with a PLC

Before I begin, I want to tell you something about my job. Actually I had no job until now. I was doing the same thing every day. Learning somethings about computers, software, OS, etc. and teaching to somebody I don't know. But there is a reason for this.

I always interest in programmable cards like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and automation, PLCs, etc. But, I needed too much money to build something with PLCs or Raspberry Pi as a student. So, I chose the software development for computers, web sites and I commonly used Linux for the servers. After now on, no matter what, I'll learn PLCs and what is related to it.

Today I wanna share some knowledge about PLCs. PLC's meaning is the Programmable Logic Controller. What is that? Basically, if there is automation, there is a PLCs in there. And this PLC controlling everything in the automation system. For example; conveyor stations in a factory.

A PLC look like this

Of course have a lot of PLC models and looks. This trademark is one of them. I choose it for learning. Because S7 PLCSIM software very useful to simulate PLC programs and Factory IO software support this simulation program.

So, why we are waiting for? Let's get to learn something about it.